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BEP100 is an authoritative monograph that details a hundred years of revolutionary and progressive work by one of Malaysia’s long-standing architecture firms, BEP Akitek Sdn Bhd. Over 5 chapters, it traces the practice through 100 years, beginning with a foundation as Booty & Edwards, highlighting some of the most significant buildings that the firm had produced. Through the feature articles on selected leaders and the critical essays written by leading academics, this book will present a new perspective on how to read Malaysian architecture, and the place of critical discourse in the region while following the progress of BEP over 100 years and beyond. Hardcover Book ISBN : 978-983-40803-6-5 Page : 438 pages Published by: Adaptus Design System Sdn Bhd Editors: Yvonne Leong Authors: Liyana Hasnan, Robert Powell, Simon Soon

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