Southeast Asia Landscape Architect

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This book features works from 24 landscape architecture consultants from 7 countries of different regions, ranging from housing developments, recreational parks, resorts and hotels, high-rise developments, commercial and residential projects, and urban planning. These landscape architecture works have been selected to showcase their design solutions to the concerns of human use of land, space and the environment. 

Thailand - LANDPROCESS / Kernel Design Co., Ltd / Shma Company Limited / T.R.O.P. terrains + open space / Sanitas Studio / P Landscape Co., Ltd

Singapore - G8A Architecture & Urban Planning / WATG Singapore, Inc / AECOM / CPG Consultants Pte Ltd / Grant Associates

Philippines - Clarq Landscape Design

Malaysia - Landart Design / Malik Lip & Associates Landscape Architects / Walrus Design

Vietnam - LJ-Group / TAA Design / Tropical Space Co. Ltd / VTN Architects / TA Landscape Architecture / Farming Architects

Laos - Saola Architects

Indonesia - St Legere Design International Limited / SHAU Indonesia

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